Survival B.O.B. Essentials


" You don't want to pass this up... "

Our team of survival tool experts at the Right To Bear Shop
have put together what we like to call,

"The Survival BOB"

This One-Of-A-Kind Collection

is made up of the most reliable and useful survival items available today. They provide an optimal solution for the essential needs of wilderness survival, household emergencies and even living off the grid.

We have decided to offer this package at the lowest price possible,

because we honestly believe that they will save countless lives...

Here's why....

The Ultimate Multi - Tool

($65 value)


If you watch Bear Grylls or "Survivor Man", you know the one thing they refuse to go without is a solid multi-tool. This knife is made from surgical grade steel and is guaranteed to keep it's edge and stay sharp for a lifetime. Along with the razor sharp blade, you have a concealed set of needle nose pliers that can be used to clip and strip wires. Not to mention the fold a way philips and flathead scredwrivers. This expertly crafted multi-tool is sure to get you out of a bind or two.

The Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

($30 Value)


"Impossibly Bright & Incredibly Durable"

You can never have enough quality flashlights when the power goes out.... but this is no ordinary flashlight. This is a 400+ lumen, police grade, waterproof, zoomable, LED, flashlight. Whether you are a gun owner or not, you know the importantce of illumination. There is a reason why police and govenment officals carry such powerful lights.Not only are you able to easily identify threats; you are able to temporarily blind and disorient attackers.

Designed with 6 sharpened edges that act as a striking self-defense weapon. This little LED flashlight is compact and easily carried with it's attached belt clip. No need to worry about splashes or shocks, because it was built for maximum punishment. It even keeps working while completely submerged under water.

The Life Capsule - 7 in 1 Tool

($15 Value)

whistle compass

This tool is a marooned person's dream.

These are the tools that the average prepared person forgets to pack. First and foremost, you have a high quality compass, which will direct you to safety when your cell phone and navigation system give out. Next, a signaling mirror and emergency whistle. If you have loved ones you are traveling with, it is important to maintain contact & communication as much as possible. Under the right conditions this whistle can be heard from over 2 miles away. In addition to those life saving devices, this tool contains a thermometer, magnifing glass, and LED flashlight. This is truly a tool that could make the difference between life and death.

The Max Ignite Fire Starter

($20 value)

Fire is one of the pillars of wilderness survival.

It cooks your food, keeps you warm, and raises morale. In an ideal case you have a lighter or matches. But, what happens when they run out or get wet? We searched endlessly for the highest quality fire starter we could find and there is no doubt, that this is it. Not only is it the number one choice of the most famous survival experts on the planet, you can operate it with only one hand. This is an essential requirement if you want the ability to start a fire in damp or undesirable conditions. Simply push down on the retractable alloy striking pole and you will produce a spark temperature of 3,000°C (5,500°F). This fire starter functions in rain or snow and will last more than 12,000 strikes.


You get the:

  • Ultimate Multi - Tool ($65 value)
  • High Powered LED Flashlight ($30 Value)
  • Life Capsule - 7 in 1 Tool ($15 Value)
  • AND, The Max Ignite Fire Starter ($20 value)

A Total Value of $130!

But, you aren't going to pay anything close to that!

This is the only time you will ever see this offer.

The Survival B.O.B. Essentials

Just $67.99 + With Free Shipping,
For All 4 Tools

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7 in 1 Military Style Emergency Survival Kit

This brand new 7-in-1 Military Style Emergency Survival Kit is a high quality multi-tool with 7 different life saving functions. Perfect for camping, hiking
any disaster situation, and is a necessary tool for survival.

• Luminous Compass & LED Light

• Magnify Glass

• Thermometer

• Signal Mirror

• Spark Striker

• Storage Chamber

• Pealess Whistle


1.Diameter: 27mm

2.High: 98mm

3.Net weight: 1.45OZ


High Power Waterproof 7W 400 LUMEN LED Flashlight

This brand new Mini 400 Lumens CREE Q5 LED zoomable flashlight is ideal for self safety, outdoors

activities, power outages and other emergency situations.

• "No Slip" - Skid-Proof Design

• Clip for Easy Carrying

• Adjustable Focus Range (Rotate & Zoom!)

• Waterproof "O" ring sealed

• 3-Mode Adjustable Brightness (High, Low, Strobe)

• High Quality Aluminum Alloy with Solid Construction

• Battery: 3*AAA/1*18650 3.7v Battery


LED Specification:

- LED Type: CREE Q5 LED.

- Luminous Flux: 400 Lumens (maximum).

- LED Life: 100,000 hours


3 in 1 Fire Starter Tool

The most important item of safety gear is a reliable fire starter. This ingenious 3 in 1 fire starter comes

complete with the ability to function as...

• Fire Starter with Steel Flint

• Whistle

• Luminous Compass

Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense it's 3,000°C spark makes fire building easy

in any weather, at any altitude. Used by a number of armies around the world, it's dependability has

made it a favorite of many survival experts and outdoorsmen (such as Bear Grylls). Many people use

this as a way to light stoves and gas-barbecues in their backyard too.


Box Dimension: 1350*70*30MM
• Rod Diameter: 10MM
• Rod Length: 45MM
• Weight: 104G
• Material: Rare Metal